Training allocation policy

Training is one hour per week and held Monday to Friday at various times and locations.

Training times for all players changes each season due to a number of various factors (venues, coaches, age groups).

Some instances call for group style training sessions due the size of our club, and these are at the discretion of the committee.

Allocated time

Only the coach of a team is authorised to request a training time or request a change of training time. If you are unable to make your team training session speak to your coach or age group coordinator to see if there is another session you can attend (this is not always possible and is at the discretion of the coach running the alternative session).

The process

  1. Registrations are opened to players and teams are constructed by the age group coordinator.  Coaches can nominate to take a team with their coordinator or the coordinator will reach out to the team to provide a coach for the season.
  2. Once coaches have been assigned, coordinators then contact coaches to provide 3 training sessions (days/times) that suit them.
  3. Coaches are then allocated their training time/day and venue and this is communicated via the age group coordinator.

Please note that this is a huge undertaking with 60 teams to be placed each season.  There are multiple factors that are considered when constructing the training schedule including but not limited to:

Coaches with multiple teams, ages of the players, venue facilities (lower hoops), coach availability.

All efforts are made to give coaches 1 of their 3 preferences.

Half court training

Basketball courts are hard to come by but the club makes every effort to continue to secure venues for hire.  All teams should expect training to be conducted on a half court.  A full court should be considered a bonus when it can be provided.