Belmont State School

Players training at Belmont State School. Please park in the car park on Bridgenorth St. The Administration car park on Scrub Rd is locked after 6pm and you will not get let out. New fences and gates have been placed on Old Cleveland Rd and these are hit and miss if unlocked.

Brisbane Bayside State College

Players training at Brisbane Bayside State College. Please enter the top car park, it is under the speech bubble “Uniform Shop” on the map. Do not park inside the gate at the bottom of the school or your car will be locked in. Drive past the school to the big and park in the car park. Walk down the path and turn right towards the hall (H Block). This school map should help you. For some reason the map loads small, scroll to enlarge.

Clem Jones Centre

Respect the Venues

Everyone must respect the facilities we hire on a weekly basis. We have built solid relationships with these venues and are not about to tarnish our reputation through the bad behavior of others.


Do not hang off any part of the rim, net or backboard. Do not use any other part of the facility apart those areas instructed by your coach


We understand the time constraints and other impacts of our busy lives. If you bring siblings to any training venue all stages, gardens play equipment are not part of our hire agreement and are off limits. Please watch your kids and ensure the safe environment of our players and coaching staff. Our coaches are responsible for the players they instruct on the court, not the siblings or friends that may be on the sidelines. Any damage cause by a player not following instruction, a sibling playing in an off-limit area or some other carelessness will be billed to the person responsible.