The Summer 2022/23 Season commences the first weekend after Term 4 starts.

Team lists will start to be filtered out over the school holidays prior to the season commencing. We will notify everyone via Facebook when this information becomes available. If, after we have communicated the mail outs, you do no have it the a couple of things to check:

  • You are viewing the same email address you registered with
  • Checked your junk/spam folder
  • If you are supposed to be with someone else ask them if they received it.
  • All the above do not help then contact the appropriate age coordinator.

Number of teams

We are in a very unfortunate situation where by the competition organisers, Southern Districts Basketball Association, does not have high numbers of facilities in which to host games, coordinators or referees. With that in mind we are capping our teams and not looking to increase the amount of teams we nominate. Other clubs may have a different view on this and we hope they enjoy the 10pm games they create.

Therefore we will have set the allocation order for players to teams.

  • 1. Current players

    Players competing in the current Winter 2022 Season

  • 2. Returning Summer players

    Players returning from the Summer Season

  • 3. Expressions of Interest

    New players joining the club

Valuable season information

What happens after you receive your team list? Well the good news is that means you have been offered a position to play and develop with one of the best clubs in Brisbane.

Now you will need to use the links below, and:

  1. Register with Basketball Qld/ SDBA – $110
  2. Purchase a playing uniform – $95
  3. Pay your season fees (when the links are available below) $250/$330
  4. Played with another club at SDBA – you must complete this form and have it completed before you can play for us.
  5. Offer your team to be a manager if you can – Free
  6. Learn and participate in the duties of scoring on game days.- Free

For the fourth season in a row we have not raised our fees, we have one of the best Treasurers who is able to keep us running without ramping up the associated costs.

  • Training players – $330 for the 16 week season
  • Non-training players – $250 for the 16 week season

Training sessions will be advised in due course as there are a few factors that influenbce our sessions:

  • number of teams wanting to train
  • number of available courts
  • availability of team coaches
  • availability of professional coaches

Yes would like to have the training on the night you are available and we will try but if not there may be another session you can be involved with. Once again all it takes is for you to reach out to us.

Please get in touch with the uniform coordinator to enquire about upsizing your son/daughter’s uniform. We carry a certain level of stock and need to cloth the new players as a priority. We can order you a new one and will take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.

Games will be notified by Southern Districts once they have been scheduled. We do not control this. Keep an eye on our socials pages and make sure you have your team manager’s details.

As the domestic basketball competition is a participation sport we have tried to accommodate requests where notified. If this has been missed we apologise. Please contact us calmly and request if we can make the change and if it is possible we can but only during the 4-week grading process. Be mindful though it can be impossible to meet everyone’s request, particularly with kids changing age divisions and some improving faster than others. There will not be changes because one team is winning more than the others.

We depend on feedback from coaches and parents when putting kids in skill divisions.  Whether your child moves up a division also depends on vacancies available in higher divisions.  Please understand if your child is not in the skill division you expected – we’ve done the best we can with the information and vacancies we currently have available.  Please get in touch if you have continuing concerns.

Stay in Touch

The easiest thing you can do to help is to stay in touch!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for important news.

And PLEASE let your team manager know if your child will miss games, so we can attempt to find fill in players. It is also important that you let your manager know if your child is injured and will be unable to play for any length of time.

A last word

Volunteers are the backbone of our club and like you, our volunteers have jobs, families that they need to juggle to fulfill their commitment. Sometimes stuff happens let us know and we will do our best to sort it out for you. Try not to raise the issue on your game day, we don’t need that added stress.