Hoopstars Basketball Inc is run by a committee of volunteers, recruited from the parents of our players.

The committee includes our officials, who are elected each year at the club’s annual general meeting, as well as a number of other members who perform specific roles for the club.

We are always looking for new volunteers. If you have a special interest, or area of expertise, you believe would benefit the club please express your interest by completing the form underneath the committee list below.

PresidentAshley Robsonpresident@hoopstars.basketball.net.au
Vice Presidentvpresident@hoopstars.basketball.net.au
SecretaryCarl Smithsecretary@hoopstars.basketball.net.au
TreasurerKaren Abeltreasurer.hoopstars@hotmail.com
Uniform Coordinatoruniforms@hoopstars.basketball.net.au
Boys CoordinatorMorag Hertweckboys1@hoopstars.basketball.net.au
Girls CoordinatorJen Reidgirls@hoopstars.basketball.net.au

Volunteers needed!

Hoopstars Inc is managed by the valuable volunteers we have but we need more. Our club has rapidly expanded and we need some more help in preparing our teams for the season and running them on game days. Without more help we will struggle to keep our club manageable and will have to turn players away in the coming season.