Hoopstars Basketball adheres to the Basketball Queensland Code of Conduct for players, coaches, parents and spectators. Links to these documents are provided on this page. In a broad sense we ask that everybody understands their role at the game to ensure the kids enjoy their basketball.

  • We have coaches to coach the game.
  • We have referees to referee the game.
  • We have players to play the game.
  • And we have spectators to spectate the game.

Know which role is the one that fits you and watch the game, provide support for your child and the other players on the court. It can be a roller coaster of thoughts and feelings watching your kids competing against other kids, but spectators must be able to control their emotions.

Sit back, enjoy the game, smile, and support the players with a clap or cheer after they make a good play.

If coaching is something that you want to pursue Hoopstars is constantly looking for coaches of all levels. We encourage you to sign up, we will help you on your coaching journey.  If you are interested in officiating Southern Districts offer annual and biannual opportunities for you to be involved.