Changes to training times and venues.

There has been a raft of changes happening over the Christmas break the main being disruption to our training venues. Some venues are not available anymore so we have had to rework our schedule to allow for our coach availability.

See below.

Changes to training times

Please check the schedule so you turn up at the right time and place. Failure to check ensures the the frustration lies with you.

Effected sessions:

  • U11 Boys Hoopstars 1, 3, 4 & 5
  • U11 Boys Hoopstars 2 & U9 Boys Hoopstars 4
  • U13 Girls – Both teams
  • U13 Boys – Hoopstars 6 & 7
  • U15 Boys – Hoopstars 12 & 13

Regular season games recommence

Regular games (Round 6) recommence in the coming weeks:

  • Tuesday 28th U20s
  • Wednesday 29th WNYL
  • Friday 31st January
  • Saturday 1st February

Semi finals will kick off March 13th, 2020.

Check your registration

Parents please check if your child’s registration is due for renewal. Players must have their registration renewed prior to the first game

  2. Click on History in the left hand column
  3. Scroll down to the bottom where you will see membership periods and they can see if registered or need to renew.
  4. The SDBAL website has the link to renew registrations.

Welcome to Hoopstars Basketball

Hoopstars Inc is focused on the development of, and participation in, basketball within South East Brisbane. We are a large domestic basketball club playing in the Southern Districts Basketball Association (SDBA), but is active in looking for other competitions in which to compete. We welcome new players without any experience and provide them the best coaches to start their journeys. We are proud of our success to retain new players year after year developing into valuable skilled basketballers and community members.

Our members start from the youngest of ages learning the basic skills to play basketball, build great friendships and build learning pathways that may help them later in life. Basketball is not just about bouncing a ball and shooting hoops. It about learning, developing, laughing with your teammates and getting fit while having fun.

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