Hoopstars Inc provides children the opportunity to learn and develop basketball skills.

We welcome new players without any experience and provide them experienced coaches to start their journeys. We are proud of our success to retain new players year after year developing them into valuable skilled basketballers and community members.

Our members start from the youngest of ages learning the basic skills to play basketball, building great friendships and learning pathways that may help them later in life.

Our uniforms

Every player is required to purchase their own uniform; jersey and shorts. You will keep this uniform no matter the Hoopstars team you play with.


Training times

Schedules and venue information. We work hard to maintain a good relationships with the venues. Please do your bit and respect the venues.


Our goal is to enable players of all ability the chance to learn the basketball skills and enjoy our game.



Basketball is not about one player. All players are encouraged to participate and improve. Selfish persons are asked not to remain with the club.