Many people do not attend AGMs being concerned they will be pressured into taking on a job on the Committee. The AGM is not just about electing new Committee members it is your chance to see the achievements over the past year and what our opportunities may be for the future. It is also the opportunity for you to have a say in what, when and how Hoopstars is run.

We invite you to provide both positive and constructive feedback to the Committee as how best to achieve our aims and serve our members. Unfortunately, your Committee cannot survive without members and without a good, strong fully functional committee Hoopstars cannot continue to operate effectively.

Why are there places available on the Committee?

Committee Members hold their positions until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting following the date of their election. Several persons have held positions on the Committee for many terms. We need people from the Club to stand up and give our long-term Committee members a break from those responsibilities.

Why join the Committee? There are a multiple of reasons but to list a few.

  • To have a say in what, when and how Hoopstars is run.
  • To bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to keep the Club going forward.
  • To have a positive influence on the lives of hundreds of children.
  • To support the volunteer coaches and managers who help keep our players on the court.
  • To learn some fantastic skills and be part of a fun, dynamic team.
  • Discounted fees dependant on the role you hold.

Yeah, I know it is important but… I don’t have the skills to be on a committee…

A committee is made up of different people who bring different skills to the party. The one thing in common is that we all want to make Hoopstars the best it can be for players, volunteers, parents, referees, and officials both now and in the future. We are not running a bid for the Olympics…just a local community basketball club.

I do not have the time…

Current Committee members are working double the amount of time due to the low numbers of volunteers. You will be in constant communications with club members when required. We meet every 2 months or so. In between meetings there will be some tasks to complete – but the more members we have the more we can spread them out. We have non-committee groups to help with age groups…so that we do not end up with one or two people carrying the majority of the work.

A description of the roles and responsibilities of Committee Members can be downloaded from the our website. If you have any questions about the Club, the AGM or the Committee please contact the club via the contact us page.

You and / or your children enjoy the physical, developmental and social benefits of playing Club basketball throughout the year, isn’t it time you gave back to those who have supported your basketball experience?

Use this form to nominate for a committee position if you are unable to attend the coming AGM
The roles and responsibilities of our Committee positions.