Player nameGenderDOBRegistered multiple clubsPlayed beforeSkill levelPlaying experienceRegistered elsewhereWhich clubGuardianPhone numberGuardian emailvolunteeringOther informationGDPR Agreement
Zac CauasyMale25/05/2009YesBeginner - Casual PlayerNoAnnetta Cayas+61404049598annettacayas1@gmail.comNoAccepted
Joel HelmMale16/06/2010YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationHas played 3 seasons with Hoopstars. Has had a 2 year break but would love to come back!NoCraig Helm0407654998crhelm79@gmail.comTeam managerAccepted
Beau HouseMale08/12/2009NoPaul son is keen to play basketball over AFL which he has been playing for years. He plays at lunch at school and has been to a few clinics. We also have a hoop at home. He also will be attending a clinic run by his school (Villanova). Can you please tell if there is an opening in the current season, if not when the winter season starts I may be a volunteer when I understand more about what is required. Thanks, PaulAccepted
Oliver MaddernMale26/04/2009NoCarla Maddern0412694680maddern6@hotmail.comTeam managerOliver’s older brother (17yo) has basketball experience & may be available (depending on times) to help coachAccepted
Japgur RangiMale29/12/2012NoGurinder
Alessia SantosFemale29/03/2012NoMirella Santos0407412166mmvsantos@live.comNoAccepted
Genevieve DownFemale22/02/2011YesBeginner - Casual PlayerGen has played for school (Somerville) last yearNoCarmen Down0412360357carmenmain@gmail.comNoAccepted
JYRYMale05/03/2013YesHe played before in little Spartans.NoJAY ESPARAGOZA0426971169jayryane@yahoo.comCoachI started playing basketball since I was 9years old. I am still active with basketball for both playing and coaching. I was recognized as one of the outstanding non-varsity player of the year in basketball during my College Days. I am a coach/players in Filipino League.Accepted
Arthur KimMale19/02/2012NoSun Park0416 590 846smilesun07@gmail.comNoAccepted
Alessia SantosFemale29/03/2012NoMirella Santos0407412166mmvsantos@live.comNoAccepted
Peyton BekerFemale09/05/2010YesAdvanced - Representative basketball or higherPeyton has played at a club level for 2 years and is a member of the Titans Representative Team for Spartans.YesBelmont SaintsSam Beker+61431135600sam.beker@hotmail.comNoIf it's an option we would love for Peyton to be in a team with some of her team mates from from the current Titans Rep Team please.Accepted
Geonhee LeeMale27/10/2008I have registered interest with other SDBA clubsNoHyeonsong (Song) Lee0431811044hairdressersong@gmail.comNoI can help small things if you need, but I don't know how can help. This is first trying for me as well.Accepted
William (Billy) O’DonovanMale22/04/2007YesAdvanced - Representative basketball or higherRep Southern Districts U12 Div 2 - played up to Div 1 2 x seasons Southern Districts U14 Div 3 - played up to div 2 Club: Plays Sheldon College U17 Div 3 as there is no U15 team. Plays for Bayside Jets U15 Div 2YesBayside JetsKieran O’Donovan0439442899kierano34@gmail.comTeam managerAccepted
Geonhee LeeMale27/10/2008I have registered interest with other SDBA clubsNoHyeonsong Lee0431811044hairdressersong@gmail.comNoThis is first trying, we don't know. If need any help I can do.Accepted
Samuel DransfieldMale02/05/2008NoMichael Dransfield0452266359michael@burgundybespoke.comNoAccepted
Caleb FurseyMale21/07/2009NoRachael Fursey0435834635rach.fursey@hotmail.comNoAccepted
Will CroftsMale24/06/2007NoBrad Crofts0411719946bradkylie01@bigpond.comNoHappy to help if required, but already have a commitment coaching my younger sons soccer team.Accepted
Tennessee CrichtonMale05/05/2014NoMegan Crichton0435063862megcrichton15@gmail.comCommitteeAccepted
Levi ColstickMale19/06/2006YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive association4 years Citipointe club experience - current status Div 2YesCitipointeBruce Colstick0420439893brucecolstick@hotmail.comNoApologies - already volunteering across range of other sportsAccepted
Liam CurtisMale17/04/2008NoBRUCE CURTIS0409263707bruceandmez@gmail.comNoVilla year 8 u15 div 5 teamAccepted
Lachy LonerganMale11/09/2005YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationPlayed last season div3 with the Saints. Referred to hoopstars by Saints president to play at a div2 level or higher.NoAdam
Callie McconvilleFemale29/01/2014NoKristy would like to play with Elise Clare (grace clares younger sister). Elise will be registering also. Hubby might be able to coach next term when we become more familiar with the club (:Accepted
Eli mcconvilleMale05/01/2016NoKristy has a sibling phoebe , please try and get them both in 🙏Accepted
Phoebe McconvilleFemale05/01/2016NoKristy husband may be able to coach - ideally in the second term once we are familiar with how everything is done. Phoebe has a twin brother, please try and get them both in cause we can’t have one and not the other. We have also registered Callie (7yo) too.Accepted
Zach RobinsonMale01/01/2006YesZach played basketball as a junior but has played other sports since including Waterpolo & AFLNoDianne Robinson0478042996mdrobinson126@gmail.comTeam managerZach would like to play with his brother (Cooper Robinson) currently playing for Hoopstars 8 Div 3 - under 15s. Matthew their father will most likely be the coach for the team as Riley Hewitt planning to no longer play.Accepted
Hendrix HorganMale14/04/2011YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationHendrix played with Hoopstars U11 5 in Summer 2019/2020 before the Covid lockdown We tried to reenter him when things reopened but got no reply He is keen to restartNoAndrew Horgan+61432563947andrew_horgan@yahoo.comNoIf Hendrix does get reentered I should be able to volunteer in some formatAccepted
William JempsonMale04/09/2007NoSimone Jempson0449794354simonejempson@gmail.comNoWill has only played basketball through school PE units and hanging out with friends on weekends.Accepted
Genevieve DownFemale22/02/2011YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyGen started playing last year. She played for school (Somerville) and also did a skills session at Auchenfliwer for term 2 last year.NoCarmen Down0412360357carmenmain@gmail.comNoI can’t commit to managing or coaching but am hppy to help on a casual basis wherever neededAccepted
Genevieve DownFemale22/02/2011YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyNoCarmen Down0412360357carmenmain@gmail.comNoI forgot to add that we wld prefer U13 so Genevieve can play on Friday night as she plays netball on Saturday.Accepted
LucaMale17/09/2005I have registered interest with other SDBA clubsNoFabrice Jeannin0409390350fabrice_jeannin@hotmail.comTeam managerHi, Luca is 15 and very tall (191cm). He ha seven watching me play (I’ve been playing for 35 years) and finally keen to give basketball a go. I like the fact that you have multiple U17 teams so he can be graded appropriately. Can you please let us know if we would be able to register Luca. Thanks.Accepted
Michael LapardinMale07/04/2008NoGary Lapardin0419780407glapa1@outlook.comNoAccepted
Eli DunstanMale05/07/2007NoRachel Dunstan0422997142jrefn.dunstan@gmail.comNoRequest Villanova year 8 u15 div 5 team pleaseAccepted
Jarrod TurleyMale23/08/2002YesBeginner - Casual PlayerI have played for carina for a few years in div 2 and 3YesCarina CobrasMalcolm Turley0498113885malturley64@gmail.comNoAccepted
Lachlan ZiserMale14/04/2014NoAlicia did a term 4 little Spartans program 2020. Brother, Finn is a current player in u11sAccepted
Georgia ZiserFemale09/09/2009NoAlicia
Toby HoltMale02/03/2011YesAdvanced - Representative basketball or higherCurrent div 1 under 11 and Trojans black U12’sYesBayside JetsTanya managerAccepted
Spencer Head-EsdaleMale06/09/2007NoShelley Esdale0404619798headesdale@hotmail.comCommitteeVilla year 8, U15, div 5 teamAccepted
Levi ColstickMale27/05/2021YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive association3 years at Citipointe currently U15 Div 2 playetYesCitipointeBruce Colstick0420439883brucecolstick@hotmail.comNoAccepted
Anya AgarwalFemale26/02/2010YesIntermediate - School basketball onlythe school team and training with HoopstarsNoDeepti Agarwal0481000454dlall2001@gmail.comAge coordinatorAccepted
John VoutounosMale03/05/2011YesBeginner - Casual PlayerJohn has completed one term of Aussie Hoops Rookie program. He is very keen to continue and advance his basketball journey.NoBarbara
Elise ClareFemale30/09/2013NoMatthew Clare+61437230014mclare79@gmail.comNoI've selected no in the volunteering column but if you don't find any participates I can help out with coaching. Also we would like Elise to be paired with Callie McConville who has registering as a new player this winter season coming. Currently Elise's sister Grace plays for the hoopstars 2 team.Accepted
Flynn StraussMale10/05/ Strauss0428815054straussrk@gmail.comNoAccepted
Amelie WriterFemale25/04/2021YesBeginner - Casual PlayerAmelie has been doing little Spartans this term and before that playing at coorparoo sports centre on sat mornings basically the same as little Spartans I believe she is looking for more competition with girls her age group , she has basic knowledge of the game and has been practicing screening and pick and roll plays and working on her shooting , she is a quick learner with a real competitive streak .NoEast to volunteering on some level unsure on roles aboveAccepted
Nicolas ScellsMale26/11/2007NoKylie Scells0407369009lkscells@bigpond.comNoAccepted
Edward AndersenMale30/04/2009YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyonly in school sport at IonaNoJustine Andersen+61427489318justiff1998@hotmail.comNomy husband is able to assist with scoring but not every week as he is a shift workerAccepted
Cole rossMale16/06/2003YesAdvanced - Representative basketball or higherRepNoBlair Ross0417908276blair.ross.qld@gmail.comNoCan it be requested that I play with: Joe Mahoney Ethan cordell George Franklin Jack shepleyAccepted
George FranklinMale17/01/2002YesAdvanced - Representative basketball or higherFirst V at Churchie and rep teams at spartans for multiple years - most recently playing u21's div 2NoJanice Franklin0413870771janicefranklin@bigpond.comNoAccepted
FInian RossMale16/01/2007YesAdvanced - Representative basketball or higherFInian has played club basketball for 8 years and Rep basketball for Spartans for the last 4 years. He is hoping to be able to join his mate Cooper Long who currently plays for Hoopstars in Under 15 Div 1. He is 6' 1" tall and currently about to start his growth spurt. He is a team based player and is focussed on having fun and not being a selfish superstar....YesCarina CobrasMalcolm Ross0499 626 824malcolmrossaus@gmail.comCoachHave sent messages to Ash Robson and Gilbert San Jose to ask if there were any player vacancies to fit Finian in. Cheers MalAccepted
Hilton MhizhaMale31/10/2008I have registered interest with other SDBA clubsYesIntermediate - School basketball onlyPlays everyday and is considered good amoung age matesNoCharity Mhizha0460 657 564charitymhizha@outlook.comNoAccepted
Benjamin DawesMale13/10/2004YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyHe has played school level for past 3 years. He plays centre or power forward. He is 6 ft 8” tall.NoAlison Hackett0448030393alison.hackett@live.comNoAccepted
Archer LinningMale11/11/2003YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationPlayed 1 season of u17 div 3 with Hoopstars.NoNicholas Linning0414972294linnings@bigpond.comNoI would like to play in James Booker's u20 div 3 Winter team.Accepted
Daniel LinningMale04/05/2005YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationu17 div 3 HoopstarsNoNicholas Linning0414972294linnings@bigpond.comNoI would like to play in James Booker's u20 div 3 Winter team.Accepted
Anton ScanlanMale24/03/2004YesBeginner - Casual PlayerI mess around with my friends at lunch time and have been playing ball for bout a year now. Am making a team with all of them.NoValentina Belonogoff0417133969vbelonogoff@pc-deal.comNoI would like to play in James Booker's u20 div 3 winter team.Accepted
Brandon MinetteMale03/06/2004YesBeginner - Casual PlayerHe has played 1 season of Hoopstars last year and is playing again with the same people but a few different players.NoLynette Minette0417743533lminette@bigpond.comNoI would like to play in James Booker's u20 div 3 Winter team.Accepted
Mitch YarrowMale16/02/2004YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationPlayed u17 div 2 and 3 in the last two winter seasons.NoSusan Yarrow0423956747cmysly8@bigpond.comNoI would like to play in James Booker's u20 div 3 winter teamAccepted
Cooper GaneMale10/12/2008YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationCooper has played for All Star in the Toowoomba competition throughout 2020. He has also attended a couple of basketball skills development camps. More importantly, he just loves it! Having only moved to Brisbane this year we don't know too many people nor do we know much about the local basketball clubs but are eager to get involved.NoCarla Canning0427762756carlacanning84@gmail.comTeam managerWe've recently moved to Brisbane from Toowoomba. I don't know how much I can contribute but am happy to help in any way I can.Accepted
Krisha KrishnakumarFemale28/08/2007NoNithya Veerasenan0469192651vsnithya8@gmail.comNoAccepted
Jarrod TurleyMale23/08/2002YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyDiv 3YesCarina CobrasMalcolm Turley0498113885jarrodturley66@gmail.comNoMy friends play in div 3 as hoopstars 5 and I would like to join their team they have said it is okay and my name has been requested on the team listAccepted
Harrison PlozzaMale13/11/2008YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyHarry has played one season of basketball for school.NoBria
Emily LearFemale12/08/2010NoVanessa Lear0431105930nesslear5@gmail.comNoAccepted
Harvey ThompsonMale14/07/2008YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationPrevious hoopstar player for 2 seasons + 2 years school basketballNoKristine Herbert0410630967kristinelherbert@gmail.comNoAccepted
Jaxon De ReuckMale16/03/2007YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationJaxon has played since he was 7. He currently plays div 1 for Citipointe and is also picked for the school basketball teams/ competitions.YesCitipointeJoey De Reuck0401628164joey.dereuck@gmail.comCoachMy husband Darryn would love to be a coach (as discussed with Matt Hunt)Accepted
Nate SokMale28/09/2009YesAdvanced - Representative basketball or higherCurrently playing for u14 Logan ThunderNoNat Sok0400 072 785nattagan_84@hotmail.comNoAccepted
Blake grossMale30/05/2003YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationPlayed in multiple school comps including molten cbsq and the interschool sport team which beat our districts competition, aswell as playing on the u/17 & u/21 div 1 coorparoo secondary college team for the last 4 yearsNoBlake GROSS0457531734blakegross03@gmail.comNoAccepted
Lucas WarburtonMale16/02/2010I have registered interest with other SDBA clubsNoMarissa Warburton0412327299rissandjason@bigpond.comNoMy son is looking to try a new sport. He plays at school but never in a club. He has played a number of sports.Accepted
Ethan HamiltonMale15/11/2007NoNarelle
Parker MarshallMale22/05/2007YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyNoPeter
Eli PennellMale22/08/2007YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationEli played in 2018 and 2019 for Woodville Warriors in Adelaide SA and also in 2020 for Capalaba Wildcats Brisbane. He has also played for Mansfield State High School inter school competition in 2020 and in 2021.NoSally Pennell0403476406sallyjp77@gmail.comNoAccepted
AriaFemale14/04/2010YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationAria played in division 1 under 12 for Capalaba Wildcats Brisbane in 2020. She has been chosen to play in the Metropolitan East Region School competition.NoSally Pennell0403476406sallyjp77@gmail.comNoAccepted
Zephyr StolbergMale04/07/2008YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyZephyr has played school basket ball for the past 2 years in the a team (with Oliver Corrie). He also played for a season starting 2 years ago for for the Belmont Saints.NoJo Tilley0450976005jctzrs@gmail.comCommitteeZephyr loves basketball at the moment. We have a hoop in the garden and he practices all the time, both shooting and tricks. He may not be as tall as a lot of players however he makes up for it by his speed. He loves team sports and will give everything on the court. Hi is currently 12, turning 13 in July.Accepted
Addison CarmodyFemale21/08/2007YesBeginner - Casual PlayerHi, I emailed a couple of months ago to register interest for my daughter to join but I didn't hear back about next steps. She has only played at school for several terms and loves it! She seems quite good with ball handling and shooting goals but definitely beginner. Hoping she could get a spot for upcoming season if available. Thanks, KarynNoKaryn Milne0407114181chriskaryn14@gmail.comTeam managerAccepted
Max BlaserMale13/07/2006I have registered interest with other SDBA clubsYesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationPlayed with carina in div 2YesCarina CobrasKatrina Blaser0418740429katrina.blaser@bigpond.comAge coordinatorAccepted
RomanMale21/08/2006YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyPlayed school basketballNoFrank
Emily BeaumontFemale29/06/2008YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationWe have spent the last 6 years living in Singapore where Emily played basketball at both school, club and rep levels.NoDelvene Beaumont0402728577delvenebeaumont@hotmail.comTeam managerAccepted
Stella BeaumontFemale15/05/2008YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationWe lived in Singapore for the past 6 years and Stella played basketball at school, club and rep level.NoDelvene Beaumont0402728577delvenebeaumont@hotmail.comTeam managerAccepted
Matilda DalyFemale30/04/2012I have registered interest with other SDBA clubsYesAdvanced - Representative basketball or higherMatilda is playing in the u12 Spartans Black Trojans this year. She has also played u12 div 1 at South West Pirates. Matilda’s sister plays with Carina cobras but they don’t have a space in u11 div 1 for Matilda. We are looking for a div 1 u 11 team.NoJessica managerAccepted
Flynn DiedrichsMale12/10/2006YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyFlynn played in club Basketball from age 8-11 in Victoria and since then has played only school Basketball with VillanovaNoPeta
Astin Piers-BlundellMale14/03/2012I have registered interest with other SDBA clubsNoJason
Dominic ArtigaMale22/04/2011YesBeginner - Casual PlayerDominic plays at home and during school time Dominic loves shooting hoops (and is pretty good!) He lives and breathes the NBANoFiona
Jayden MilneMale25/08/2003YesAdvanced - Representative basketball or higherDiv 1 since 2014 Rep since 2014 School basketballYesCarina CobrasHelen Milne0438945975hellsbells75@hotmail.comNoClearance form signed off by Carina Cobras and handed to SDBA yesterday 28th MarchAccepted
Shanel NeaumFemale01/03/2006YesAdvanced - Representative basketball or higherShanel has played/is playing REP for Logan Basketball: U14 (2019) and U16 (2021). She has played Club Basketball with John Paul College and Phoenix Gems since age 8, and JPC TAS teams for six years.NoDilshani experience is in fundraising.Accepted
Elijah FocasMale30/01/2007YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyElijah has played with jets and hoopstars.NoJohn Focas0432734794john@focasfinance.comNoHi, Elijah would like to be on team HS7 as he is best mates with Hayden Smith. If possible of course. Coach Chuck knows Elijah very well.Accepted
Erin HarveyFemale23/03/2005YesAdvanced - Representative basketball or higherErin has recently moved from Gladstone. She has played junior and senior club, played rep since U12 and most recently played in U18 Div 1 state championship in January. From this she was selected for the u18 state north team and also recently made the Met East team.NoSamantha Harvey0409929309rowsam4@gmail.comTeam managerAccepted
Evelyn SaggiomoFemale29/04/2021NoCarly Saggiomo0418734914gc@ginoandcarly.netNoAccepted
Max MahoneyMale17/10/2012I have registered interest with other SDBA clubsNoEmily to help with canteen, scoring, etc. Hoping Max can join with a 9yo friend Brayden Gordon (not yet registered). Both boys have just completed the Little Spartans program.Accepted
Jackson RouhliadeffMale24/09/2005YesAdvanced - Representative basketball or higherNoNichole Rouhliadeff0422365425rouhlis@bigpond.comNoAccepted
Annalise OlmFemale27/06/2008YesPlayed basketball for schoolNoAnnalise Olm0413593845annalise_olm@hotmail.comNoPlease put Samuel in a team with Ethan Hamilton. Please see Matt Hunt as we have been corresponding with him regarding team.Accepted
Bailey De ReuckMale13/08/2014YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationBailey has played 2 season with Citipointe under 7s and is ready to move up to under 9s My husband is happy to be involved in coaching if neededYesCitipointeJoey De Reuck0401628164joey.dereuck@gmail.comCoachOur son is moving to hoopstars in under 15s and we would love to move Bailey over also if there is a spot for himAccepted
Jackson MantisMale02/04/2008NoArthur Mantis0498260172amantis04@gmail.comNoVilla Year 8 U15 Div 5 team.Accepted
Lachlan PlunkettMale30/08/2010YesBeginner - Casual PlayerMini hoops programNoFrances Plunkett0431592999frances_plunkett@yahoo.comNoAccepted
Georgia conquerFemale17/05/2013YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyWe have just completed a term of Spartans trainingNoCourtney Lund0409315197courtney@y7mail.comTeam managerI am need to basketball but a good organiser!Accepted
Alex ZgheibMale23/02/2012NoAlison Babousis0432467406alisonmareefyfe@gmail.comCommittee**he does basketball socially with friends but not ever in competition or club as yet. Alex does do soccer though so he has other match game /competition experience. Regarding volunteering, I (The Mum!) have a baby so it just may be a little hard to do a lot of volunteering right now whilst my baby is little, but i’m certainly happy to help out with any tasks on practise or game day that i can- please don’t hesitate to ask.Accepted
Charlie LeisMale05/07/2007YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyPlayed 2 seasons for Iona CollegeNoAndrew Leis0433160456amleis33@bigpond.comNoHappy to help out on a casual basis.Accepted
HiltonMale31/10/2008YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyplays basketball quite oftenNoCharity Mhizha0460657564charitymhizha@outlook.comNoAccepted
Iggy YatesMale13/04/2011YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyPlayed school level since term 1 this year. Has done clinics over Xmas school holidays and recent holidays.NoNaomi Yates0434486560naomimurphy6@hotmail.comCommitteeI am happy to volunteer when and where needed.Accepted
Kourosh farahiMale19/04/2007I have registered interest with other SDBA clubsYesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive association1 and a half years been playing for. Good shooting and finishing abs can get the ball up quick.YesBayside JetsNikki Farahi0410277687nikki.elko77@gmail.comNoAccepted
kourosh farahiMale19/04/2007I have registered interest with other SDBA clubsYesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationhe can play really well, has great ball handling and knows how to shoot.YesBayside Jetskourosh farahi0410277687nikki.elko77@gmail.comNoAccepted
Hayden CoopmansMale30/01/2012YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationMy son has played his first season of basketball at Wellington Point Kings. Boys U10, Div 1. We attended an U11 boys training session with Lito this evening and he has let us know that he has a position available.NoMaurice Coopmans0488069930cmcoopmans@gmail.comTeam managerAccepted
Xavier SioMale21/09/2007YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationXavier has been playing basketball for 3 years, he pays in the top team at Iona College. Currently playing for Carina Cobras but limited opportunity to move up. We are looking for a space in U15 div 1 or 2 to suit his skill levelYesCarina CobrasGenna Sio0432692153genna_elese@hotmail.comNoAccepted
George DouglasMale07/06/2011NoVanessa Douglas0408154448williamandvanessa@gmail.comNoAccepted
Jack PrimroseMale07/03/2012NoKelly Primrose0466264760knprimrose78@outlook.comNoLito has offered Jack a position after watching him trialAccepted
Dane BoodnikoffMale23/05/2011YesBeginner - Casual PlayerLittle Spartans all stars program 2 termsNoNiamh Boodnikoff0416114251niamhboodnikoff@hotmail.comNoLito (U11 boys coordinator) offered Dane a spotAccepted
Finn AustenMale30/09/2007NoVanessa to Matt about joining U15 Div 4 - Will Jempson’s team.Accepted
Jac PretoriusMale01/10/2011NoClare Pretorius0452207721clarepretorius@gmail.comCommitteeI have high level secretarial skills with an emphasis on lawyer support. Also happy to be hands on in fundraising activities.Accepted
Tom LonglandMale30/01/2009YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyNoSue Homann0403089920suehomann@gmail.comNoHappy to learn to scoreAccepted
Corey OvensMale08/11/2011NoKathleen has played basketball at home. Does love it and is a tall and solid kid. Who loves to have funAccepted
Austin SmithMale31/10/2007YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationAustin has played competitively for Belmont Saints since 2019 he is currently in U15 Div 3.YesBelmont SaintsDeb Olsen0431525087deb.olsen01@hotmail.comNoHave been speaking with Matt Hunt the U15 Age Coordinator and have sent the transfer form to Belmont Saints for signing and will return it as soon as I get it.Accepted
Coby TraynorMale30/04/2005YesIntermediate - School basketball onlySchool, home and Hibiscus centre onlyNoJolene Farrow0431 333 610jolene.farrow@gmail.comNoAccepted
Zachary ChandraMale02/12/2005YesIntermediate - Club basketball in a competitive associationPlayed since U8 Division 1 Division 2 This season 12ppg Zac is a confident player, strong in scoring and team bonding.NoMike Chandra0403110495mikec2910@hotmail.comCoachI am a qld accredited coach and have been coaching for 7 years.Accepted
Jacob DunkleyMale30/12/2006YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyNoRachel Dunkley422215106Mattandrach8@hotmail.comNoAccepted
Sophie RobinsonFemale30/10/2009NoNatalie Leo0447860701Nat.leorobinson@gmail.comCommitteeAccepted
Oliver GodwinMale05/07/2012NoClare Godwin0414873097pcgodwin@bigpond.comNoAccepted
Jonah FrareMale01/10/2011NoSophie Frare0408255007sophie.frare@gmail.comTeam managerJonah currently plays AFL but is interested in having a go at basketball. With the AFL season ending soon, not sure if there is the possibility of him starting mid season.Accepted
Aidan KellyMale12/02/2012NoSean Kelly0402432932seandanni@gmail.comTeam managerAccepted
Tomas CrottyMale23/11/2012NoPhill Crotty0450913306p.hill1979@live.comTeam managerAccepted
Luca StrongMale10/09/2008YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyLuca has been taking part in the Villanova Wild Cats Academy - a development initiative started at Villanova College this year.NoAmanda Claassen0410490418amanda.claassen@gmail.comTeam managerA couple of Luca's friends are also planning on registering at Hoopstars. It will be great if they can be in the same team - they are more or less at his skill level. Their names are: Harry Keep and Isaac FyfeAccepted
Isaac FyfeMale01/10/2008I have registered interest with other SDBA clubsYesIntermediate - School basketball onlyIsaac enjoys basketball & is one the court every afternoon. He played for the Iona C team last season. Is very keen!NoLucy Fyfe0498700617lucyparfitt@yahoo.comTeam managerAccepted
Harry KeepMale17/11/2008YesIntermediate - School basketball onlyVillanova Wildcats Academy. Hasn’t been playing for long but is naturally sporty and is extremely keen.NoEmily Keep0487202892ejkeep@icloud.comAge coordinatorHappy to help out but would need training.Accepted
Fynn WestonMale02/10/2007I have registered interest with other SDBA clubsNoDale Weston+61 449 768 085daleweston18@gmail.comNoAccepted
EMMETT GIBSONMale06/08/2011NoAsh Gibson0438414421peteash37@gmail.comNoEmmett would like to play with his mate Jack Primrose and Charlie Bianci (who is going to register)Accepted
Charlie BianchiMale02/05/2012NoKate Cogill+61448028586katec73@hotmail.comNoCharlie has done some basketball at school. His school mates Emmett Gibson & Jack Primrose have also registered if it's possible for them to be togetherAccepted
Oliver KnightMale22/11/2011NoJonathan Knight0423241701knightjonathan71@gmail.comNoCould Oliver please be in a team with Charlie Bianchi, Emmett Gibson and Jack Primrose.Accepted