What is TidyHQ

TidyHQ is an administration and membership management tool that will hopefully make the process of season registration more streamline in the future. All players must be registered on this portal. If you enter your email address and have already registered, you will see your details. This member portal will manage all our payments and enhance communications from here on, so if you don’t do it then you will not get the information you need.

Tips to register on TidyHQ

  • Link to Portal – hoopstarsbasketball.tidyhq.com
  • If you choose multiple memberships you will be billed season fees for each team you take a place in.
  • Read the information prior to clicking register
  • Enter the email address you use with us and SportTG/Gameday as we may have set you up a profile using that
  • Membership is not for the parent details click the drop down and choose the registered player or add a new by clicking ‚Äúsomeone else”
  • Go to https://hoopstarsbasketball.tidyhq.com/users/sign_in
  • Enter your email address, same email as you use for SportsTG/Gameday and click Next
  • If your email address is unknown then you will need to create an account
    • Click create an account
    • Click next to use your email address
    • Enter your first and last names then Next
    • Confirm the details and check the box agreeing to the term and Create Account
    • You will be sent an email with instructions to complete your password etc.
  • If your email is recognised then either log in or reset your password to continue.
  • You will get directed to the homepage of TidyHQ
  • Log in to hoopstarsbasketball.tidyhq.com
  • Click your name to the right hand side and choose contact profile. Here you can update your information.
  • By using the drop down arrow beside your name you will see other profiles associated with your login and update then as you need.
  • Log in to hoopstarsbasketball.tidyhq.com
  • Click your name in the top right corner and choose Contact Profile
  • On the left menu options chose Memberships
  • This will show all memberships for your associated profiles.
  • Use the filter to change to Active.
  • You can use the filters to check for certain person memberships.