It is the opinion and directive of Hoopstars Basketball that all players will register and play in their correct age groups.

There is a large benefit for a player, and club, to them remain in their correct age group.

Your child may have skills that some may perceive to be higher than what the competition offers but what they may be missing is court awareness and good decision-making ability to apply their skills effectively. The way to achieve this is through playing in their own age group and not moving up early. By remaining in their age group they will learn more than the basic dribble, pass and shoot. They learn to lead others, share the game with potentially less skilled players and develop the knowledge to get their team the best shot and not necessarily just themselves.

Moving up an age group will only benefit in challenging the core skills for some, but not all. Players are built differently therefore this is not a one size fits all answer. If the strength of a player needs to develop then the potential for injury is increased significantly.

There are exceptions to this that can be assessed by the coordinators, committee, and coaches.

Over the years we have allowed players to move as they deemed best for themselves but this process has left some age groups very underdeveloped and our mission is to rectify this situation for the club as we move forward.

Opportunities will exist for players to play additional games in higher divisions or age groups throughout the year as injury, illness and other concerns come into play.

If you have an extenuating circumstance that requires us to consider placing your child up early then please get in touch with your age group coordinator.

President Hoopstars Basketball