Hoopstars Inc not only encourages parent participation, but our players really need it. We need many volunteers to function and there are many roles available including membership of the committee, age coordinating, coaching and team managing as well as assisting with events. The roles are as hard as you make them. We are always busy during the start of each season and this is when we require the most help. Support is given to team coaches through provision of coaching courses and the opportunity to have one on one sessions with an experienced coach. If you are interested in a role with the club or have a skill to offer please complete the volunteer registration form, and the committee member will get back to you.

Parents please take the time to familiarise yourself with the coach other parents. We also take this opportunity to remind parents that this is a junior basketball competition. Our officials and sometimes coaches are young kids. There is no place for behaviour that is not respectful or polite. We do require a parent each week to do score bench, please do not leave it for the same people each week. Either the scoreboard or computer. It is an easy thing to do and there is always someone who can help you out. Work it amongst yourselves and if everyone pitches in, we have a great season.

Scoring duty

All families are required to undertake scoring duties throughout the season, but this is the minimum commitment expected. Please do not leave this duty to the select few who continually fulfill this practice as these parents would like to sit on the side and cheer their child on uninterrupted as well. Each family is expected to perform scoring duty about two to three times a season and possibly a third or fourth time if your team makes the finals. This role involves, scoring the game with a parent from the other team either on the laptop or driving the scoreboard. Both appear daunting but in essence are picked up really easily with the support of other parents.


Players families are also expected to observe appropriate codes of conduct including: