Volunteers we need you!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our club, without them this club would not be here for your children to be a part of. But as the children of our volunteers age and move on in their lives and careers then our current staff of volunteers take time for their own life ventures and unfortunately leave us in a position of trying to fill their big shoes. Depending on the level of volunteering you commit the club we will provide some benefit by way of reduced, or waived, fees. We have some volunteers, due to their level of time invested to the club, with multiple children’s fees being covered.

We try to offer more than that. We have introduced regular catch ups and coffees seasons to let everyone have their vent and mental release.

Hoopstars is a successful club run by enthusiastic and knowledgeable people. Everyone contributes by fulfilling the duties of their role, helping those that are behind in theirs and sharing ideas and pipe dreams that may benefit the club moving in the years to come.

The more people we can get involved to share the work the more enjoyable the experience becomes.

Basketball is so much more than dribble and shooting a ball. Take the opportunity to get involved and see how sport plays more than a simple exercise for kids. It teaches some life lessons mainly around discipline, social interaction and including others.


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