There are two separate fees involved with playing basketball with Hoopstars Inc at Southern Districts Basketball Association.

1. Annual SDBA Registration

An annual registration fee is payable to SDBA, currently $97.  This fee MUST be paid prior to playing to ensure that your child is covered by SDBA’s insurance and it is payable each year that your child plays basketball in the SDBA junior competitions.

The fee covers a 12 month period from the date that you pay the fee.

If your child played for another club at the Carina Stadium in the last 12 months (Carina, Belmont Saints, Bayside Jets or a school team) and is transferring to Hoopstars Basketball, you do not need to pay the registration again but you must complete a Junior Club Clearance form which will start the process to migrate your registration to Hoopstars.

If a player plays 3 games without registering, SDBA will notify the player that they are ‘unfinancial’.  If the unregistered player still fails to register and continues to play after being notified of their ‘unfinancial’ status, all games in which the player participates will be forfeited by the team.

Once you receive confirmation of your place in a team you can pay the registration online

2. Hoopstars Season Fees

Season fees are due before week 3 of the current playing season. Fees for all season will rise from this year as we no longer have the 9 week short season.

Winter Season = Term 2 & 3 of the school year
Summer Season = Terms 4 & 1 of the school year.

Fees are payable to Hoopstars for each season that your child plays in a Hoopstars team.  The amount and instructions on how to pay the season fees will be circulated by the Hoopstars Committee and Age Coordinators at the beginning of each term.

Children of coaches may qualify for a discount, and Executive Committee Members also qualify for a discount pro rata to their level of involvement.

If term fees are not paid by the third week of the following term, or you have not contacted us to make alternative arrangements, your child will be suspended until full payment of outstanding fees is made or a payment plan is agreed with the Treasurer.  If you have any issues regarding payment of fees, please contact the Committee via our contacts page.

Payment plans

Hoopstars Inc does provided payment plans to help families spread the cost of the season fees into more manageable payments. It is not a service available to all players and is at the discretion of the Committee to grant the use of a payment plan.

Rules pertaining to the servicing of payment plans.

  • Regular payments are to be made at least every 2 weeks.
  • All season fees must be settled by the end of the playing season, unless an agreement is in place with the Treasurer.
  • If at the end the playing season, fees are not paid in full and no agreement exists with the Treasurer, players will be marked un-financial and suspended from playing until a mutual agreement has been reached.
  • Failure to communicate with the Club after 2 attempts will ensure your details are passed to a debt collection agency to have funds recovered.
  • Players requesting a transfer to another Club/Association will not be released unless all fees are paid up to date.
  • Payment plans are not a means for you to play endlessly for the Club without paying and accruing a large debt.