Hoopstars is an inclusive club and makes every possible opportunity available to any person wanting to play. But in being inclusive there times we reach our capacity for the current season and will stop taking registrations and place inquiring players on a waiting list for any vacancy that opens up, or to give priority during the next season. If you have any concerns or specific needs then please get in touch via out contacts page.

When registering with the club you will either be a returning or new player.

Returning Players

Players who are currently playing the SDBAL competition with Hoopstars can use this form to register playing for the next season. If you have been away for longer then please complete a new player form.Returning players this way »

New players

We welcome new players of all ability to join our club and get involved in the game of basketball. Please use this form to register your interest in playing for Hoopstars.Register your interest »

No Team Entries

In the past Hoopstars Basketball has accepted complete team nominations to help kids play the game of basketball. With the growth of our club we are now unable to continue accepting teams as the increase to the volunteer overheads is too great, and the uptake in volunteers too low. If you are currently in an entered team we will continue to support you. This extends to having your players register individually and then someone from your team emailing the club to say Billy and his 6 mates want to play together.

If you would like to organise your team this way then do so by joining the volunteer pool and helping us out. Teams formed this way will be done so at the exclusion of Hoopstars support. These teams will not partake in organised training session, promotion items and if forfeit arise from your team you will be invoiced the full fee directed to the club.

The reason we stipulate this is that teams are generally formed from groups of friends from the same school and once one child is away they are all away, please take the time to consider this before telling the club what you want organised.

Players joining from other clubs

If you have played with another club within Southern Districts in the past, you will be required to get a clearance from your previous club before playing with Hoopstars, or any other SDBA club. You can find the form on the SDBAL website.

More information

If you need further information prior to registering with Hoopstars or purchasing uniforms,contact either the boys or girls age coordinator via email.