We are now in GREEN-100, that is what Basketball Qld are calling it. I will outline the processes below so you are all aware.

There are obviously going to be some teething issues with the restrictions on spectators & it being different at each venue. The feedback from the Referee Development Manager & the court supervisors from across the weekend was generally pretty positive in this regard. So well done!

Venue rules

Teams can only have 12 spectators at all venues (except Chandler). This is 1 adult per player & any extras for siblings etc. If a parent is scoring they do not count towards the spectator total (unless at Chandler). There are reports of teams breaching this cap and additional family members being in attendance. Once we reach capacity of spectators, we cannot let anyone else in until someone checks out. While we understand it is a pain during this time to have restrictions on numbers (especially so extreme at Chandler), we need to abide by these so we remain compliant to the restrictions in place.

Failure to comply will potentially cause Chandler to withdraw court availability and we will have to restrict competitions even further (which we would like to avoid doing). To give you a rough idea this is what we are working with in regards to total Venue Spectator Restricted Numbers (all are per timeslot):

  • Carina – 104 checked in spectators (including those on scoretable)
  • Chandler – 44 total check ins (when all 3 courts are running)/ 32 total check ins (when we only have 2 courts running)*
  • Citipointe – 52 checked in spectators (including those on scoretable)
  • Churchie – 52 checked in spectators in Pidgeon Centre (Court 1 & 2) & 26 checked in spectators in Campbell Centre (Court 3) (including those on scoretable)
  • Mansfield – 52 checked in spectators (including those on scoretable)

*Chandler numbers are based on having 10 players per team, 2 refs per court and 2 staff per timeslot. Check in’s at Chandler include anyone doing scorebench, coaches and spectators. But we cannot breach 90 patrons with 2 courts running and 100 patrons with 3 courts running while at Chandler.

Reiterating the facts of the Return to Sport plan

  • Parents and players are to only arrive 10 mins prior to the scheduled game time. This will give parents a chance to check in using the QR code & restrict too many people being in each venue at the same time for an extended period of time. Parents and players arriving well before 10 mins prior are asked to wait in their car until 10 mins prior to their game time. Doors will be closed until 10 mins prior to game time.
  • Players and parents are reminded to be socially distant at all times.
  • With the check in/check out system – everyone who is not a referee or player is to check in using the QR code system, but even more importantly to ensure anyone who checks into a venue also CHECKS OUT of the venue on their way out. This allows us to keep a track of the exact spectator numbers within each facility at any one time. If people do not CHECK OUT, then we assume they are still in the facility and then we cannot let others in if we reach our venue check in capacity. I have included brief instructions on the check in and out system for you to pass on if required.

It is understand that everyone is excited to have basketball back, but if these restrictions and procedures are not adhered to and the association is inspected and are in breach of regulations, then competitions could be shut down until better compliance can be guaranteed.