We are preparing for the Summer 2020/21 season. Ensure you are registered and have a playing uniform. Failure to do so may cost you the ability to play.

Boys availability

U9 Boys (EOI Only)
U11 Boys (EOI Only)
U13 Boys (EOI Only)
U15 Boys (EOI Only)
U17 Boys (EOI Only)
U20 Boys (EOI Only)

Girls availability

U9 Girls (Complete the EOI form)
U11 Girls (EOI Only)
U13 Girls (EOI Only)
U15 Girls (EOI Only)
WNYL (Waiting on update)

Summer 2020/21 important dates

  • Grading starts 6th October 2020 – 4 weeks grading
  • Competition starts 3rd November
  • Season starts 3rd November 2020
  • Last game prior to Christmas 5th December 2020
  • Return in new year 27th January 2021
  • Semi finals week starting 16th March 2021
  • Grand finals week starting 23rd March 2021

Hoopstars registrations

Players currently playing for Hoopstars Basketball in the Southern Districts Basketball Association should have received an email with a link specific to each player. Please use this link to register your child as returning or not. If you have not received, or cannot locate the email, please contact your current age coordinator immediately.

We need this form completed if you are returning or not. Hoopstars is a large club with over 400 players. For this reason we will not be holding positions for forms completed after 6th September 2020, or for players who fail to complete the form. The available time of our volunteers are already stretched to its limit, so we are reducing the administrative burden by placing the onus on families to complete the actions.

Season fees

Playing basketball has a cost involved as there are a few different fees to be paid. Three fees you will hear:

  • Registration fee ($100.85) – Payable once a year jointly to Basketball Qld / Southern Districts to cover administrative costs and player insurance.
  • Uniform fee – Each player in Hoopstars purchases their own uniform and it remain with them until they require a different size
  • Season fees – Each season there are fees payable to the club to cover team nominations, weekly game fees, training expense and club administrative costs. As a not-for-profit organisation we do our best to keep these fees as low as we possibly can each season.

Basketball Qld player registration

Player registration with Basketball Qld and Southern Districts Basketball Association is your responsibility. If your child is not registered then your child faces the possibility of not being able to play. Returning players, please take a couple of minute to check when your child’s registration is due by following the instructions below.

Returning players

Parents please use this link to check if your child’s registration is due for renewal. Basketball Qld were extending all registrations for the term of the COVID shutdown.
Players must have a current registration prior to the first game.
1. Go to the Basketball Qld portal and log in
2. Click on History in the left hand column
3. Scroll down to the bottom where you will see membership periods and they can see if registered or need to renew.

New Players

All players must be registered four(4) days prior to game one. If you have not registered your name will not be available to add to the game tablets and will result in your child not being able to participate in the first game. Please go to the SDBAL website and complete the mandatory registration, this provides you player insurance amongst other things.

Players moving from any other Southern Districts clubs

Players who are moving from other clubs must complete the Junior Club Clearance form and the process completed before they can take the court for Hoopstars. If you do not complete the form then we are unable to add you to our team lists on the game tablets. If your last game at SDBAL was with another club irrelevant of how many years ago you must still complete the transfer form.


All Hoopstars players must purchase a Hoopstars playing uniform; jersey and shorts. Your child will play with this number until needing to purchase a larger size. We do not loan out singlets as over the years this has proven to be a very expensive experience for the club. Uniforms can be ordered online.

Uniforms are ordered online –

There is a sizing chart in the cart. The best way is to grab your child’s favorite shirt and shorts and lie them flat on a bench or bed and measure across the 2 sections indicated in the chart. Do not double the measurement. Boys must order a reversible singlet, girls can use the single sided ones.

Parent involvement

Parents please take the time to familiarise yourself with the coach other parents. We also take this opportunity to remind parents that this is a junior basketball competition. Our officials and sometimes coaches are young kids. There is no place for behaviour that is not respectful or polite. We do require a parent each week to do score bench, please do not leave it for the same people each week. Either the scoreboard or computer. It is an easy thing to do and there is always someone who can help you out. Work it amongst yourselves and if everyone pitches in, we have a great season.