Registration for Winter 2023 season is now open.

Registrations are closed, but you are still able to enter a late registration with no guarantee of a placement

From this closing date we will be collating teams and nominating teams through to Southern Districts for the season ahead. If you register after the closing date you will be offered a playing position if it exists.

If you have an outstanding season debt you will not be offered a playing position until this has been resolved. Similarly we will not approve any inter club transfer if you have outstanding debt with Hoopstars Inc.

The club is operating at capacity for the collection of volunteers we have. Therefore we are not entertaining the notion to add more teams to an already bursting competition and will only be offering positions in teams that player have vacated.

We need as many coaches as we can find for game days and/or training sessions. Teams will not be entered without a coach, if you are able to assist then please complete a coaching nomination form.

SDBA changes

Junior Domestic Competition – Winter 2023.

  • The competition will be using¬†even age groups.
  • There will be 2 additional rounds which will mean the finals for Saturday games and U20 Boys Grand Final will be on School Holidays.
  • U20 Boys will move to a Sunday afternoon (games starting 5pm).
  • U8 (All), U10 (All), U12 (All) and U14 (Boys only) play Saturdays.
  • U14 (Girls), U16 (All), U18 (Boys) play Friday nights.
  • Age cut-off date for all age groups 31¬†December 2023.
  • Players will play their correct age group to be eligible to play in a higher age group. Second set of game fees will apply.

Hoopstars changes

Please make yourself aware of the below

  • Players with outstanding balances from previous seasons will not be eligible to receive a playing position in Winter 2023 or future competitions until all outstanding balances are paid.
  • Fees will be payable at the time of registration.
  • Expressions of Interest will be required to pay full season fees. This will not guarantee a playing position. In the event of no vacant playing positions EOI fee will be refunded.
  • We will not adding additional teams to the competition – vacant positions will come from players not returning.
  • We will not be adding teams that coaches approach us with.
  • We will not be adding teams parents or players approach us with.