Please be aware that Hoopstars Inc Players who do not pay season fees by the due date, that do not contact the Treasurer to setup a payment plan or fail to meet payments agreed to in a payment plan will not be released from Hoopstars Inc. These Players will be deemed unfinancial and be unable to play within the Association.

If you are unsure which team or have any questions please contact your child’s age co-ordinator via email. Please see contact page for their email address.

When the club sets the fees they are inclusive of games, administration and training fees. All byes have been taken into account. Hoopstars Inc endeavours to keep costs to a minimum and it takes into account several matters when it works out the fee amounts for all seasons.

It is the policy of Hoopstars Inc that all fees are to be paid in full by week 2 of season unless an approved payment plan has been organised with the Treasurer prior to seasons start.

Players transferring from Hoopstars

As disappointing as it is to see any player switch clubs we understand things change and you must make the descisions that support your own goals. Release of players will only be given if and when all fees are paid in full.


Discounts may be given to families if they train and coach a full team for a full season. Training means conducting a 1 hour training session during the week with your team, coaching is the actual management of your team’s game on either Friday night or Saturday morning. Please contact your age co-ordinator or treasurer for details.

If you have any questions regarding the payment of fees please contact the Treasurer via email prior to seasons start.