Now that we’re in Stage 2 of Easing COVID-19 Restrictions in Queensland, Basketball Queensland can confirm that we’ve lifted the state-wide suspension on organised basketball training sessions (non-contact only).

We can now resume indoor, non-contact training, though a maximum limit of 20 people per stadium will apply (this limit includes coaches, parents/caregivers and venue staff).

With Stage 2 Restrictions taken into consideration, the resumption of training will be at the discretion of each individual association.

BQ is continuing to work closely with Sport and Recreation Queensland and the Health Department to increase the limit of people permitted per stadium to a per court figure, to assist with more associations reopening.

We’ve also put together a ‘Return to Training Guide’ for participants to ensure a safe return to training for all.

You can read the guide and more information.

Season recommencing Term 3

News out of SDBAL is that basketball will return for Term 3, 2020.Sign on is now open, you can register for the coming season.

Restrictions starting to ease

As restrictions are starting to roll back and release us from hibernation we need to start planning the club’s re-entry into the junior domestic competition. In preparation for the coming season there will be two scenarios that can play out and you will need to choose which one, or both, you will be keen to get started. Bearing in mind nothing will start until we get approval from the Department of Sport and Recreation to commence activities. Please ensure you complete the survey at the end of this page.

Our survey form will gather your feedback as to level of caution our members have to returning too early to competitive sport. We need your feedback, which is anonymous, to help us plan our path back to the game. All the recent Winter Season registrations will be wiped clean and when we have a date to return to basketball a new registration process will be started.

We have entered Stage 1 in Queensland. This means you are able to do more activities outside with a few friends and family, even shoot your own hoops at home or a local park as long as you observe social distancing. However, formal and informal club activities such as training and playing in an organised competition are still suspended. We could resume under Stage 2 guidelines, provided a number of safety and social distancing measures are in place. This stage may allow us to organised with some training activities but there will be essential rules and compliance attached to any activity and we will require approval from our schools to use their facilities again.

Basketball Queensland has submitted a draft of their ‘Return to Basketball’ guidelines to the Department of Sport and Recreation for approval, ensuring our participants can return to a safe environment and enjoy the game we love as soon as it is safe to do so.  

So as you can appreciate there is a lot still up in the air when it comes to resuming the game and then you still have to make the decision if you are returning straight away or easing back in over a longer period.

There is so much information going around out there right now and I ask you to consider the source of your information. The club is taking its advice and direction from Basketball Qld and Southern Districts Basketball Association and you can remain across their notifications on social media.

The Queensland Government have a site outlining the Return to Play for Sporting Clubs and Organisations that will give you an outline.

So to on the way out please make sure you complete the survey form ASAP so we can plan our return to the world of junior sport safely and stress free.